Working From Home: Four Ways You Help Save The Environment

There are so many advantages to working from home, but the one that you hear very little about is how remote work has a positive environmental impact. You may have never thought of this before, but every time you leave home to go to the office you increase your carbon footprint. And that’s only the start of the day with one person. Multiply the impact across the workforce and you’ll begin to see just what effect we are having on the planet.

We’ve seen an increase in corporate responsibility over the past decade with many big companies looking into ways that they can decrease damage to the environment. One of the areas identified is in allowing employees to work remotely; where staff work from their homes instead of centralized offices. Employees are generally grateful to work from home, but it also has these earth-friendly benefits:

1. Decreased Water and Energy Use

Companies are able to lower their overheads and their impact on their environment by having work from home employees instead of energy draining office space. This also saves on paper because the business is digitized, as well as on water usage. This is a significant saving as office equipment consumes twice as much as home office equipment.

2. Decreased Use of Fossil Fuels

There is only a finite amount of fossil fuel on Earth and we need to be careful how we use it. Burning fossil fuels leads to dangerous emissions, which we also need to keep under control. When you work from home, you don’t need to use a car or any other fuel powered vehicle which reduces your carbon footprint. Americans are already seeing gas savings totaling more than $20 million dollars a year from remote work initiatives.

3. Decreased Greenhouse Gas Emissions

More flexible positions and work from home options are responsible for taking around 10 million cars a year off the road which translates to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions of around 54 million tons annually. This means better air quality for everyone, a very positive and well-needed change.

4. Reduced Traffic Impact

Not only are traffic jams massively frustrating and time wasting but they are also a stress on our overworked transportation network. Reduced traveling not only cuts down on gas usage and environmental damage, but also eases the strain on resources needed to keep the system going.

Remote work allows both the company and the employee to reduce their impact on the environment. Companies that don’t have expensive offices to maintain enjoy lower overheads while still being socially responsible while individuals enjoy saving both money and the environment by not commuting.

It makes a lot of sense to work from home and if you are trying to live a greener life then this is something you should be considering. Add the positive environmental impact to the other amazing benefits like saving time and money and reducing stress and you’ll soon see what so many others already have – that telecommuting is the way of the future!


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