The Best Part-Time Work From Home Opportunities

Did you know that over 23% of part-time workers in the United States work from home? This is a great way to make an income from home as it offers you freedom and flexibility.

Whether you are looking for a side hustle or need a little extra to help out with your bills, there are plenty of part-time opportunities.


There are telecommuting part-time jobs available from various industries including accounting, customer service, tutoring, chat support, search engine evaluation, proofreading, translation, writing, etc. Large fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller organizations, are looking to fill part-time work from home positions worldwide.

The most popular types of part-time work from home jobs are:

Content Writer – A content writer creates written material for websites or other types of media. They play an important role in SEO, web traffic, conversions, and sale.

Data Entry – A very popular work from home job, this job requires you to enter information that’s on paper to the computer.

Bookkeeper – There are plenty of entry-level and experienced bookkeeping jobs available online. This is one of the highly paid work from home jobs.

Online Tutor – With companies like VIPKID and iTutorgroup always hiring worldwide for online English tutoring positions, this is one the easiest ways to work from home. To know more, Get the Definite Guide on How to Teach English Online

Chat Support – While a lot of work from home jobs are phone-based, the internet has allowed businesses to stay in touch with their customers through chat. Good typing speed is usually a requirement for this job.

Social Media Manager – This job is perfect for someone who enjoys creating content for social media, and knows how to use social media as a tool to build and grow a business.

Transcription – A transcriptionist converts speech into a text document. Rev and Scribie are well-known companies that offer transcription services.

Search Engine Evaluator – Assess the quality of web page content and online search results. Appen, Lionbridge, and Raterlabs are reputed companies hiring search engine evaluators.



First, determine what skills you have to offer. Read the description in a job advert to understand what the minimum qualifications are and the skills you need to qualify for an interview.

Once you have decided what services you can offer based on your skillset and qualification, get your resume ready. See the top tips for how to write a remote-friendly resume.

Next, understand the online application process. Companies have different application processes and you must read and follow instructions while applying online. Have all your application materials such as resume, previous employment history, cover letter, portfolio, etc. ready.

Lastly, even if you find a lot of work from home opportunities online, apply to only those that are a good match for your skills and experience. It’s best to introspect and know what personality you are and which kind of job would suit you the most. For example, if you are an introvert you’d mostly excel in working in solitude and you’ll perhaps find your ideal job in IT, accounting, data entry, writing, etc. If you are an extrovert, your dream job is probably in sales and marketing, customer services, event management, etc.


Working from home sounds great and offers flexibility and freedom. But if you want to pursue a work from home career, then you should know how to spot signs of fake jobs and stay away from them.

Some tell-tale signs of work from home scams are –

  • The company says you’ve been selected and offered you a job without an interview or skills test.
  • The company asks you to pay money upfront
  • Vague job description
  • The company says no qualification is needed to apply
  • The company says no skill is needed to apply
  • Any advert that says “Anyone can apply”
  • Get rich schemes where you are promised a lot of money for very little or no workflow
  • Request for confidential information
  • No online footprint – Absence of website or social media presence

Don’t let scammers turn your work from home dream into a nightmare. Remember, if the job sounds too good to be true, it probably is.



Below are 20 companies that are hiring for part-time work from home positions.

  1. Appen
  2. Liveops
  3. Lionbridge
  4. TTEC
  5. Concentrix
  6. Rev
  7. Kelly Services
  8. Robert Half International
  9. United Health Group
  10. Pearson
  11. Amazon
  12. Service800
  13. Working Solutions
  14. TeleReach
  15. Arise
  16. VIPKID
  17. Cambly
  18. K12
  19. Cactus Communications
  20. Salient Health

The spread of technology has made working from home easy and convenient. Explore the latest part-time and full-time work from home opportunities at Remote Global.

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