Telecommuting is Eco-Friendly for Businesses

Have you been searching for ways that your business can be more eco-friendly while increasing production?

Traditionally, many people in the work force have about the same routine: wake up early, get the kids prepared for school, maybe you have time for a quick breakfast, get the kids off to school, then you’re on your way to the office for another day of work. Working from home is a dream that many workers wish could be more of a reality for them and their family. There’s no doubt that working from your home office has many benefits, but how about the benefits for employers? As an employer, you can reap many benefits from your employees working from home, or any other remote location. Interested? Here are some ways that telecommuting can benefit the employer.

The number one reason to consider having your employees work remotely is less traffic and vehicles on the road. Getting to work on time is a job within itself for many employees. As mentioned above, many adult employees have children, which means they have much more to do before actually getting to the office. Many are stressed before they even get to their respective job. When they finally arrive, it usually takes employees 15 or more minutes to decompress from the morning obstacles. Not only are they stressed, they’ve just added another vehicle to the cluttered streets, exposing the environment to chemicals and toxins released by their very vehicle. As an employer, you can contribute to making our air cleaner by allowing your employees to work from home.

Telecommuting offers many benefits to our earth, to your employees, and to you, the employer. More and more employers are searching for ways to help save the environment. Actions that may not seem likely to be measurable by eco-friendly standards may in fact be. Deciding to spare our environment and reserve our resources by cutting back on materials used in the office can be a clever and effective idea. Think about it: paper is made from trees, as well as pencils. You also save yourself some money on bills by letting your employees work from home. If you don’t have people occupying offices, they won’t be using company power and resources either.

There’s a major benefit for your remote employees that you will be most tireless about. If they’re at home, they leave any air-born pathogens they may have been so unlucky to contract right where they are: home. This is one of the top reasons why people don’t like office environments, and rightfully so. Getting sick not only makes you feel horrible, often times, employees have to miss work, which means you lose production.

There are a plethora of ways that allowing your employees to telecommute can benefit the employer. These are some eco-friendly ways that you can contribute to saving our earth as a business. Employees working from home will also save you money. The mutual benefits for both employee and employer has contributed to the explosion of work-from-home opportunities.

Stay clean, go green!

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