Reasons Your Pets Need You To Work From Home

Reasons Your Pets Need You To Work From Home (And Why You Need Them Too)

Doesn’t your heart ache thinking about a lonely dog sitting at a window for long, boring hours waiting anxiously for his owner? Well, mine does. Many people don’t realize that certain pets cope poorly with being left alone all day and in our fast paced modern life they can be left unattended for extended periods of time while their owner works outside the home. Your pets will thank you (in love and licks) for having a job working from home and here’s why:


Very Young And Older Animals Need More Attention

Pets get older and just like humans they slow down and start needing more attention. Working from home allows you to keep a watchful eye on them and attend to their needs. Older dogs, for example, tend to become quite lazy and not as active as they once were. When you work away from home all day, chances are the dog will spend the day in a sedentary manner. However, if you work from home it is easy to schedule breaks where you can walk or play with your furry friend. Encouraging him to be active may even save yourself a fortune in future vet bills by helping him to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Aged or sick pets may need medication or supervision – working from home allows you to tend to both easily. Likewise, if you have a very young pet they may require training or help with feeding and it’s easy to schedule these around your work hours.


Reasons Your Pets Need You To Work From Home

Better Behaved Pets

There are breeds of animals who can cope with being alone, but there are others that can suffer from a type of separation anxiety when they are isolated. These types of pets can cause havoc in the home and may even destroy furnishings or other items out of boredom and frustration. Small breeds of dogs, certain cats, and even some birds have been known to exhibit this kind of anxiety. Having a home office allows your pet to be close to you during the day and feel less stressed (while you get to avoid the destruction!)


Reasons Your Pets Need You To Work From HomeMore Time For More Pets

There are those among us who just adore animals and we want to have as many as possible. Perhaps you wish to rescue cats or dogs or maybe even dream of living on a farm with many animals. The time you save in commuting could be used to tend to your (extended) furry family’s needs or even allow a lifestyle change.


And Why You Need Them…

Researchers have been studying the effect that pets have on their owners for the last 25 years and the results are impressive. It’s been shown that having a pet reduces stress so well that it lowers blood pressure, reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression, and boosts the immune system. Working from home and having your pets as co-workers will actually help you be even more productive!

While you may get annoyed with your love-crazed kitty who walks on your keyboard or your older dog who needs toilet breaks at inopportune moments, the fact is that you will not only have happier and healthier pets if you have a job working from home, but also a more relaxed and fruitful working environment.

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