My Daily Life Working From Home

Telling people that I work from home usually gathers the same kind of reaction – a mixture of jealously (because they secretly want to do it too), disbelief (are you really working, really?) and interest (how are you doing it?). Many folks are surprised when I tell them how I make a living and tell me how lucky I am. But it wasn’t luck that broke me out of the rat race – I just made a choice!

So how different are my days now? Allow me to show you.

My husband still works a regular office job so I get up with him at 6:00am. I make coffee for us and pack his lunch, then feed our three cats. I love my animals and working from home allows me to be with them all day which is amazing. There is nothing like grabbing a kitty for a quick cuddle when I’m feeling under pressure.

My Daily Life Working From Home

Once he has left for work I have my coffee, check my emails and draw up a plan for the day. As a freelance writer, I need to juggle my time (somewhat precariously) between my novel, blog, new and regular work orders, as well as looking for new clients.

By 7:30 I’m dressed and in my office. I always start work early because I find I am the most productive in the morning. I’ll start with work orders first and work until about 10:00am before I take a break. I am able to get through much more work in these few hours than I was ever able to do when I had my corporate job – the reason for this is that I don’t need to deal with colleagues congregating at my desk and telephones ringing constantly. It wasn’t until I began working from home that I realized how much time is lost in the office by distractions!

During my first break, I will often walk my dog in a nearby park – something I could never have done when I worked in the office. This walk helps boost my energy and creativity for the rest of the day.

My Daily Life Working From Home

Back at my desk, I’ll continue working until lunch time, which I usually take at about 1:00pm. It’s a short lunch because I like to be able to finish work earlier in the day. Now, I won’t lie to you – I still get stressed out at times. Being a writer, I deal with loads of rejection and I need to meet deadlines, but this is still easier to deal with at home than in a tense and foreboding office environment.

I usually finish work around 3:30 or 4:00pm so that I can quickly pull the house into order and make dinner for my family. We spend the evening together, although sometimes I may need to work at night. This is purely because my clients are global and may have urgent requests that cannot always wait until morning.

My favorite benefit about working remotely is the flexibility and today is a perfect example to showcase. It’s Sunday and although I usually only work on weekdays I am completing orders today so that I can spend the day with my mother tomorrow. I would never have been able to do this in my former job.

I cannot encourage people enough to change their lives and try a remote job. There is an opportunity for everyone and you don’t need to be a writer, website designer, or social media guru to have a work from home position. There is very little that you can’t do from a home office and all you need to do to is just open your mind to the idea and get busy looking for the opportunity that is perfect for you – and I can assure you it’s out there!

Author: Jessica B

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