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Since 2012, we’ve run the largest admissions support platform in mainland China, Members of our team provide ethical admissions support and guidance to Chinese clients applying to study overseas (mainly at master’s level and above).

In 2021, we are recruiting 15-20 people to join our longstanding team of 40+ application advisors. We hope you might be one of them! We’ve survived the difficulties of 2020 and we’re excited by the enthusiasm of our clients going into 2021.


“When I initially joined the site, I never anticipated that it would become so much more to me than a way to earn extra money. After three seasons with ZHISHIQ, I can honestly say that it is the highlight of my year.”

This is Marni, one of our application advisors. While the work on our website is seasonal, with our busy period running September – February, Marni and many other members of our team have been with us for five years or more. Here’s why:

  • The work is very fulfilling: You’ll be guiding outstanding students on how to present themselves in English-language application documents. Many advisors strike up positive professional connections with their clients who subsequently work with them on multiple projects throughout our busy season.
  • We pay well: Earnings ranging from $15 to—at the very upper end our appointments pay-scale—$300 per 500 words. Advisors who master our services, build a word-of-mouth following, and achieve a smart workflow earn significant income. Our top five application advisors in 2019-2020 earned, respectively, US$57,009, US$41,305, US$40,506, US$27,020, and US$19,406.
  • Remote and flexible working: This has been the norm for ZHISHIQ since we began. You can do your work on a train, at home, in a co-working space, the park… As long as you have MS Word and reliable Wifi, wherever suits you best—and wherever enables you to focus on helping your clients the most—is fine by us.

You can read more testimonials and more information about the role on our Recruitment Portal.


We’re looking for committed writers and educators with backgrounds that have necessitated competitive applications for professional and/or educational opportunities. Ideally, you’ll hold one or more qualifications above undergraduate level. This is far from essential, however, if you have a strong professional background. Admissions office experience of any kind is especially attractive to us, unsurprisingly!

Other things we think are vital to being a successful application advisor on ZHISHIQ:

  • Attention-to-detail and a serious command of written English: Effective personal presentation on the page is what ZHISHIQ is all about.
  • Computer literacy: Nothing complicated! A degree of comfort using our online platform (which includes functions for uploading your work and interacting with your clients) is important. Also important is being moderately at ease using MS Word.
  • Willingness to learn: Our services are standardised (although personality and flair within the service descriptions are highly-encouraged!) There is some online training that will take a couple of hours to complete, and senior team-members will give you detailed feedback on your first tasks on the platform.
  • Commitment to client care and support: Meeting deadlines means the world to our clients; it’s really important for our business to know we can rely on you! A friendly professional manner, deployed in the challenging medium of online communication, will also be key to your client interactions.

If you think this is a good fit for you, please go ahead and apply! We’d love to hear from you.

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