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We’re the people behind, Tumblr, Jetpack, and WooCommerce. We’re looking for Growth Engineers to come join us on the MarTech (Marketing Technology) team for

The team makes growth, and the analysis of growth, more effective and more efficient. We use tools and technology to encourage ideas, tackle sophisticated problems through team initiatives across all of Automattic, and most importantly, drive growth of the business through rapid experimentation.

We’re a relatively new and rapidly growing team with the opportunity to drive substantial change! We need inventive email marketers who want to experiment with creative ideas and help us tackle complex business problems.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with a growing, multi-functional, and highly collaborative engineering team to unlock the potential of’s marketing technology stack, and the teams who use it across the whole company.
  • Champion the growth and continuous improvement of our email marketing and customer communications platforms in support of business opportunities and goals. You’ll work closely with growth engineers (code wranglers), offering feedback and ideas, and helping us test iterative enhancements to the platform.
  • Design, build, test, and deploy strategic email marketing campaigns, including drafting and editing copy, layout, links, and dynamic content. You’ll own quality assurance of all campaigns.
  • Maintain and lead all ongoing email campaigns and efforts with a focus on optimization opportunities. You’ll run campaigns and programs across the customer lifecycle to drive repeat purchase, customer lifetime value, including welcome series, win-back series, abandoned campaigns, upsell opportunities, and post-purchase experiences.
  • Utilize a variety of data and analytics tools to regularly measure campaign performance and overall program health. You’ll supervise success metrics, such as open, click, and conversion rates. You’ll create and publish ongoing performance and health reports for all email marketing efforts.
  • Build alliances to identify the biggest areas of opportunity from a growth perspective, and offer creative and strategic ideas. You’ll partner with our data science team to develop segmentation strategies.
  • Be responsible for creating comprehensive documentation (internal field guide articles) that effectively enable self-serve use of our email marketing platform.


  • Have experience planning, designing, implementing, and analyzing large-scale email marketing campaigns. You are proficient in HTML, CSS, and email-centric practices around design. You also have a deep understanding of deliverability practices, strategies, and analytics.
  • Have experience with SQL, and are comfortable learning new tables, writing queries from scratch, and parsing sophisticated queries written by others.
  • Are a cross-team collaborator, able to partner and communicate with the teams across multiple departments and functions. You have experience working, communicating, and collaborating with software engineers on marketing-focused projects.
  • Are passionate about the role played by the email medium in a marketing organization’s efforts and success, and you have excellent analytical skills and an understanding of key email metrics most important to the health and success of a world-class program.
  • Love thinking about things from the customer’s perspective and trying to understand what motivates and drives decision-making through competitor research, data, customer feedback, empathy, and behavioral analysis.
  • Love to experiment and tackle problems. You’re product-minded, growth-focused, and oriented to details. You’re happy to question assumptions and back your recommendations with data.
  • Are excited to apply your skills and expertise to additional customer communications platforms, channels, and efforts.

Extra Credit

  • Startup experience; e.g., you’ve been a technical founder, co-founder, growth specialist, or have been a member of a marketing team before.
  • Experience with SMS, in-app, and lifecycle management tools.
  • Experience building or supporting sites powered by WordPress.
  • Experience with a data pipeline, analytics team, and data visualization tools.
  • Having worked with or as a social media marketing company.
  • Experience with PHP, JS, or another programming language.

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