Senior Salesforce Administrator

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We are looking to hire a Senior Salesforce Administrator to join the team. As Elastic has grown, our Salesforce environment continues to scale with it. We’d like to hire an awesome admin to help meet the needs of our users. You will collaborate with our team of awesome developers and business partners to keep our Salesforce instance running efficiently and ensuring that as Elastic scales, Salesforce is right there with us. You will also be the first line of defense for operational questions and issues from Elastic employees around the globe. This future Elastician will be excited to: 1) Make an impact on a growing team and company 2) Enable us to scale our operations to match our striking growth 3) Show a fundamental understanding of how users interact with Salesforce and the best ways to enable their success.

What You Will Be Doing:

  • Tending to the everyday requests and questions from Elasticians on Salesforce
  • Administrative tasks on Salesforce, including but not limited to assigning user profiles, reviewing access, crafting fields, workflows, etc.
  • Participating in our agile development process with our team of Salesforce developers to craft, test, and implement new features on Salesforce
  • Interviewing business users (Marketing, Sales, Support, Finance) to understand their processes and identifying where we can add features/workflows to make their jobs easier
  • Managing some 3rd party software apps such as Docu-sign, Conga and others.

What You Bring Along:

  • Have 3+ years of Salesforce administrator experience doing things like designing, configuring & maintaining security/sharing rules, permission sets, field-level security, record-level security, roles and profiles.
  • Administer Salesforce Service Cloud, Sales Cloud and Community Cloud platforms
  • Administrated Salesforce CPQ (SteelBrick) and/or FinancialForce applications
  • Think in terms of simplicity and scalability in Salesforce. No need to create hundreds of profiles per micro use-case.
  • Have a knack for listening and interpreting user requirements and then turning them into action
  • Experience with Agile development practices and a sprint delivery model
  • The ability to access ways for the team to improve and streamline our support process from a people and technology perspective

Bonus Points:

  • certifications- Admin, Advanced Admin required and others preferred are Sales Cloud Consultant and Service Cloud Consultant.
  • Experience with SOQL/SQL – familiarity and comfort with querying data
  • Any developer experience on the Salesforce platform or other web application platforms
  • Being awesome

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