Software Supply Chain Engineer – Security

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United States or Canada

Software today is tremendously interconnected, with most projects having tens or hundreds of transitive dependencies. GitHub’s Dependency Graph captures this, and is the backbone for our Dependabot Alerts, Used By badge, and Dependency Insights.

The Dependency Graph team is looking for a software engineer to join, and help accelerate our mission to secure the world’s software. In this role, you’ll work with the team to implement new features, fix customer issues, and help our service scale reliably. We value collaboration, empathy, quality, positive impact, and shipping. You will excel when the way you work reflects these values.

In your first 30 days, you can expect to foster a relationship with the team, learn how to ship a small feature or bugfix, end-to-end, and begin to understand the application architecture.

In your first 90 days, you can expect to have shipped several small features and bugfixes, participated in code review, design discussions, and start to feel more comfortable owning a bigger feature from design to completion.

You might be a good fit if:

  • You are comfortable working in a distributed environment, using written-communication to work with colleagues in other timezones
  • You are kind
  • Your are comfortable learning to work in a Rails codebase with a large MySQL cluster and data pipeline
  • You have an interest or expertise in package managers, and their inner workings
  • You’ve ever been curious how different languages handle dependency management, resolution, and lock files

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