Online English Tutors (US, CA, UK, AU, NZ)




Responsibilities / Job Descriptions:

Tutors will tutor English as a Second Language to overseas students (age 5 to 15). Tutors will be provided with opportunities of experiencing Alo7’s cutting edge tutoring platform and interactive content:

  • Easy operation
  • Fun & interactive,
  • Combination of arts and technology
  • A reflection of MIT Media Lab experiences.

Tutoring sessions might be one-on-one, one-on-three, or group sessions.

Your bookings are done by schools and they provide steady # of classes as they have a steady base of students.

The class you tutor is the review of what they have learned in the classroom. Such tutoring is very important for the students as they are eager to learn from English speakers who speak English at an idiomatic level.

The key difference of Alo7 from many other online tutoring platforms is that your students are coming from schools. It is offline to online experience. Your classes will be booked regularly by schools, and you don’t have to worry too much of class number varies week by week, which is quite common with other tutoring platforms.

Available time to tutor:

Your students will be based in Asia, Beijing Time zone.

Peak Tutoring Hours:

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Beijing Time

How Alo7 works:

Tutors can choose a block of time slots within the Peak tutoring time frame and tutor as little as 6 hours per week and as many as 21 hours during Peak tutoring time.

The # of Peak tutoring hours on a weekly basis are proposed by you. Once you commit to the time slots, classes will be booked and you will have a steady of flow of students on a weekly basis.

All applicants will be recommended to tutor for minimum 6 hours per week on a steady basis within peak tutoring time frame.

Each month you can simply make close to $1000 by working only 15 hours per week without leaving your own home, and make $1500 by working 21 hours per week.

We also provide other projects to qualified tutors to work such as evaluating teachers’ performance, working on some presentations, doing our resume screening. These projects are all paid. Qualified tutors in our program can work more during other time slots which do not have to be peak tutoring time.

A monthly income of $1500 for this part time independent contractor opportunity out of your own home is achievable with our program for steady and qualified tutors / teachers.


1. English native speakers from US, Canada, UK, and Australia. It means that you were born and grew up in any of these countries.

You have valid government ID such as passport, birth certificate etc. Passport is highly preferred.

2. A Bachelor’s Degree in any field or current enrollment in a four-year college program.

3. TESOL / TEFL or any other ESL certificate is strongly preferred.

4. Tutoring / teaching / mentoring experience is preferred.

5. Enjoy tutoring through digital media.

6. Enjoy working with children.

7. Stable free time on peak tutoring hours.


USD$17 to USD$22 per 50 minutes with incentives included.

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