Lead Software Engineer – Studio

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We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to help us build functional systems, improve monitoring and optimize our build pipeline in effort to improve the Studio and Craft customer experience.  We work in scrum agile iterations on short-term deliverable cycles. We look to deliver our latest features to our customers on a weekly basis. We’re motivated to not only deliver the best products, but also to personally achieve. One of the central objectives of our company is to keep our team of hardworking specialists content and motivated. That’s why we need you, a devoted DevOps engineer, to be part of our superstar team. You will have the exciting opportunity to drive our capacity for triaging and handling operational issues while advising our team on engineering systems that will make our entire codebase more reliable, testable, and scalable. You will also advance innovative/comprehensive tools and practices to improve deployment and testing. If you want to play an integral role in planning processes with the support of our entire engineering team, then consider working for us.

What you’ll do:

  • Interact with team members to improve our engineers’ tools, technology stack, and application performance and stability.
  • Analyze, organize, and provide in-depth code reviews to improve applications dynamically and ensure the timely completion of operations projects.
  • Resolve operational concerns through collaboration with upstream support groups and various engineering teams to plan updates.
  • Troubleshoot production issues to address technical commitments and boost sustainability.
  • Expand the DevOps team by attracting exceptional teammates, and ensure their success by acting as a liaison between upper management and employees.
  • Engineering Velocity – build infrastructure experience CI, (Github Actions, Jenkins, Codeship).  Identify and resolve CI bottlenecks.
  • Support for the Automation team by helping in CI integrations and optimizations.
  • Operations (spans multiple squads) – Monitoring and Alerting, Logging and tracing (Loggly, Datadog) etc., Supporting our backend services including Auto updates.
  • Package upgrades: Security keeping packages up to date based on vulnerabilities identified from Snyk or Security, Electron Upgrades, React Upgrades etc., (Package upgrades need to be coordinated with render, publishing and screen design)
  • Monitoring – Consistent application monitoring, logging and aggregated dashboards would allow us to have “at a glance” insights into the runtime health of the product.
  • Performance – Supporting performance as a first class CI/CD metric to allow us to find regressions before users do.
  • Testing – Improved testing infrastructure, including cross-browser/cross-device testing would greatly improve quality and consistency for customers.
  • Releasing – Introducing a canary channel, PR builds, nightly builds, and scheduled/verified releases in effort to greatly improve our agility in shipping both internally and externally.

What you’ll bring:

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or relevant experience
  • Proficiency in deploying and maintaining applications
  • Ability to construct and execute application status monitoring
  • Knowledge of software automation production systems, including code deployment
  • Working knowledge of software development methodologies
  • Previous experience with high-performance and high-availability open source web technologies
  • Previous experience with version control best practices and technologies (i.e. GIT, SVN)
  • Experience in some of the following languages – Go, Javascript, TypeScript
  • Experience in optimizing/configuration some of the following technologies – Github Actions, Electron, Sentry, Webpack, NPM, BugSnag, Datadog, Loggly, LaunchDarkly, Codeship, Docker, Dependabot

To apply for this job please visit boards.greenhouse.io.