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Juno inspires more human workplaces

The Company

Juno inspires more human workplaces by connecting employees to better wellbeing choices. We work with businesses to rethink and improve the wellbeing of employees in over 20 countries, across over 28 cities.

We’re looking for someone to become a crucial cog in the Juno wheel, developing our product. Juno is growing fast, and this could be an opportunity to really make a mark with our challenger status.

Working at Juno means working on something truly meaningful: improving the lives of people at work.

Our mission is simple: to change the way employees experience their work life for the better.

The Role

We are looking for our next key hire, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). We are looking for an outstanding technology executive to lead and grow our development team in this new phase of our development, The technology stack is in place and performing, but requires work to make it scale-ready.

The CTO reports to the CEO and is a key member of the Senior Management Team. Responsible for the technical vision and implementation of Juno, the CTO leads all aspects of development and product delivery.

As the leader of technology, the CTO inspires business growth whilst playing a pivotal role in the company’s strategic direction and development. The CTO will thrive in running the technology stack and vision of a post Series A company, and be ready to tackle scale challenges.

As a highly skilled executive, the CTO brings ‘best in class’ product and technology development to Juno. This position requires outstanding technical skills, with strong evidence of delivery, and eagerness to get ‘stuck in’. Critical for success is to develop and maintain a high-performance environment where talent can flourish, and operational excellence is rewarded. An excellent communicator with the ability to engage and influence all levels throughout the business including Board members.
Our Tech

Our application is written in ES6 JavaScript, and our stack includes React, Node, Express, Sequelize and PostgreSQL.

On the front end we’re using React with styled-components, with very heavy use of hooks and exclusively functional components.

For the backend we run on Node, serving Express APIs. Across our applications, we use PostgreSQL as our primary data store.

Our codebases use ESLint, Prettier, Cypress and Jest to automate testing. We push to GitHub and deploy (continuously) via CircleCI to AWS.

The Responsibilities

●  Own all technology, digital and data deployment, management and processes to make a measurable and tangible impact on the business revenue growth, margin improvements and users’ engagement.
●  Provide leadership and strategic planning in technology solution development, prioritising technology initiatives and coordinating the evaluation, development and integration of future technologies into products and services.
●  Build a high performing team, lead the design, development and execution of solutions and platforms whilst further developing systems.
●  Work closely with senior internal stakeholder teams including Product, Commercial, Marketing and Operations.

The Requirements
●  Experienced in creating a scaled B2B marketplace solution;
●  Strong web frontend development experience, e.g. in React;
●  Strong backend development experience, e.g. in Node.js, Express.js, Sequelize;
●  Strong experience with AWS;
●  Working knowledge of infrastructure tooling e.g. Docker, CircleCI;
●  Experience of developing and leading high performing tech teams;
●  Confident, and able to take initiative in a delivery-focused environment;

What you get
●  Competitive salary and options;
●  A chance to take a post-series A company and built a truly global and big-scale application for it;
●  A chance to build the team you want, with the resource to make it best-in-class;
●  A strong Senior management team to learn and grow with;

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