How Working From Home Can Lift Your Spirits (And Possibly Change Your Life)

This is the story about how getting a work-at-home job saved my life. This is not an exaggeration; allow me to explain…

Let me start at the beginning – I got a job working for a corporate company. Now, I never planned to work in corporate because I consider myself to be a just a bit of a rebel. I’ve always pushed against authority and advocated against wage slavery, but I was in a tough financial situation so I had to take what I could to make ends meet. Even though it was an entry level position in the call center, the pay was more than reasonable and the benefits were tempting.

I consider myself to be a hard worker, but at this company I found myself literally surrounded by smart and viciously ambitious people. The place had a sink or swim sort of policy. Basically, if you wanted to get anywhere you needed to make sacrifices that I can only now see were unreasonable.

Don’t get me wrong, work is very important. Not only for the income, but more so for that sense of purpose that you gain from doing something meaningful. We need to feel we are making a difference and corporate companies draw people in with the lure of making a difference.

Corporate was not for me, but you would never have known by looking at me. In a few years, I flew up the ladder, finally managing an important division that worked to solve complex problems. As a manager, I was never short on cash, but I was lacking something else quite important: any kind of life. Friendships withered, my marriage fell into a sad rut, even making time to see my mother was difficult as I racked up months, then years of 14-16 hour work days.

And then I got sick – really sick. Not many people can say this, but serious illness was a godsend to me. I think if I hadn’t become so ill that I needed to resign from my job, I would probably still be there.

Nevertheless, I left the company. I was forced to focus all my energy on recovering, but at the same time, I slowly started to reevaluate my life. I had to ask hard questions, like when I got better did I want to go back to work for “the Man”? The answer was a resounding no, I wanted a life; one with my family and my animals and sunshine and smiles and gardening. I couldn’t trade such a massive portion of my life and energy for money. My time was too important.

So I needed to break out. But before I did that I first needed to hit some walls. The first obstacle was with everyone I knew who was still working a regular corporate job. They had not yet managed to escape and made me despondent with their constant negativity. They told me that wanting a work at home job was selfish and unrealistic. But I persevered, I felt like I had seen the light and I couldn’t go backward.

Three years have passed since I left and you know what? I have never been happier. Yes, I work hard and there is still stress involved, but compared to the constantly frazzled nerves that I had previously, it’s nothing. What has surprised me is the colleagues I left behind, they are still there, trading all their daylight hours trying to get ahead. I don’t think they even know who they are trying to get in front of, to be honest!

How working from home can lift your spiritsWorking from home has saved my life because it actually gave me back my life. Now, if the day is too beautiful to waste I don’t waste it and when you have that freedom, then life takes on a distinctively rosy hue.

I never waste an opportunity to encourage others (maybe you!) to take the plunge and work from home either for a company or for yourself. Don’t listen to others who tell you that you can’t do it simply because they haven’t. Usually, these people haven’t put any effort into their attempts anyway!

Life is short, it took grave illness for me to realize that, and your time cannot be replaced. Think carefully about how you want to spend it because it’s the most important decision you’ll ever make.

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Author: Jessica B


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