How Companies Benefit From Letting Employees Work From Home

When it comes to remote jobs, most people know the benefits for the employee. No travel, less distractions, reduced stress, and much more. Sure there are huge benefits for employees, but what about the employer?

There are plenty of advantages for the employer also. Here are some of the biggest:

1) No commute to put employees into a bad mood in the morning is a huge advantage. If there is one thing that can put an employee into a bad mood it’s fighting traffic every morning. Studies have shown that an employee with a harrowing ride needs the first 13-25 minutes to decompress. That means that he or she is non-productive for that time. This can easily cut down on what they get done every day.

2) Telecommuting jobs are eco-friendly for the office. Companies are always thinking of ways to help save the earth. What better way than to cut down on fuel and pollution? With remote employees, going paperless is a key perk. With even a moderate employee base, this can make a considerable impact.

3) Research shows that working remote can produce a healthier staff. It makes sense. If an employee doesn’t have to come in, that opens the door for exercise. It also gives them the chance to make homemade lunches that are healthier than on-the-go fast-food options most offices share. Most employees who work from home dedicate more time to their own well-being also.

4) Telecommuters are happier employees. A happier employee means a more productive employee. Without the pressure of travel, add to that the ability to stay in comfortable clothing and manage home tasks, employees are more satisfied overall. Employers are realizing that by maintaining a home-based work force, they can get as much, if not more, performance out of workers.

5) Employers realize that having a telecommuting workforce is saving money. They don’t have to worry about increasing rental space due to hiring more people. They cut down on other costs too like heat, electricity, phone lines, etc. These can all considerably cut costs for an employer. Saving every month can add up to big savings at the end of the year.

6) Increasing company loyalty is also a byproduct of telecommuting. When employers give workers the chance to customize their schedules to balance lifestyles, the workers tend to be grateful. They understand the value of being able to work at home. Creating loyalty also decreases turnover. Any employer knows that decreasing turnover also decreases training costs.

No longer are employers seeing remote jobs as only benefiting their employees. Now, there are more advantages for both parties. That mutual benefit has caused the telecommuting world to increase considerably over recent years.

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