Five Remote Careers for Introvert Personalities

When thinking of remote careers for individuals, it is typically thought that those with an Introverted personality are the best fit for those kinds of roles. While that may not always be the case, there are more businesses than ever which are offering roles to individuals who can work remotely. To determine if these kinds of roles are best for you, you should know if you are more of an Extrovert, or an Introvert.

When deciding on whether or not you are an Introvert or an Extrovert, you can answer a few questions pretty quickly to determine your personality type.

Does being around a group of people drain your energy?

Do you look forward to having alone time on a regular basis?

Do other people see you as a quiet individual?

Does too much stimulation leave you feeling unfocused and distracted?

If you answered yes to a majority of these questions, then you are in fact an Introvert. With knowing that, as an Introvert, you will relish the idea of being able to work from a remote location. However, you do need to be selective with the kind of job you take. For example, being a Salesperson would not be the ideal fit, as you will be interacting with customers on a daily basis, which will drain your energy faster compared to an Extrovert. Therefore, here are a few different career possibilities for those who have an Introvert personality.

1) IT

Within IT, you are mostly working on computers, in the solitude of your own environment. You never need to let anyone else see your home office, and you will relish the idea of the flexibility this kind of role offers. There are times where you may need to go into your corporate offices to have in person training, or to review things with the team, but as a whole, those meetings are far and few between.

2) Accounting

This is another field not known for getting out and seeing much sun each day. As an accountant, you are a financial guru, meaning you spend a lot of time with your computer, and looking at spreadsheets and analyzing a vast amount of data points. This kind of role fits perfectly for those who enjoy the solitude of each day, and allows them to think thru issues on their own accord, without having to deal the distractions that an office environment might cause. There is a finality to each project within Accounting, and also a repetition of having to complete the same tasks on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

3) Data Entry

If you are quite good with a keyboard, and can enter data quickly and efficiently and accurately, then this might be the best role for you to explore. Your day can be filled up with letters and numbers, where you have to transcribe a heavy amount of data in a short time. You do not have time for too much outside stimulation, as you will be focused on a daily basis on all the data that needs to be inputted in. If you are seeking a role that is a little mundane, but offers a great amount of solitude, then this could be the industry for you.

4) Writing and Editing

In order to be a great Writer or Editor, you need to have a certain serenity of peace and quiet in order to focus on the task at hand. You can also use the pondering part of your brain with these two avenues, as a lot of times, you are given the creative freedom to make a document what it needs to be in order to complete the project. On the editing side, you can use your laser like focus to keen in on certain areas of any document that can be improved upon, in order to make it top notch, and receive the satisfaction of a job well done.

5) Research and Development

The whole idea of research is being able to find a quiet place, and read up and study the topic which needs to be researched. The place you will visit the most during this time will be a library, which is well known for keeping others quiet, so they cannot distract you. After your research is complete, you can develop the project you are working on from the comfort of your home office. There will need to be times that you need to check-in and update your progress, but otherwise, you will be left in your solitude to think and ponder on the topic at hand.

Whether these five options sound enticing to you as an Introvert, or you want to do more research, it is clear there are plenty of opportunities available for someone who has an Introvert personality to work remotely, which might just bring out the best of what an Introvert has to offer.

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