Five Remote Careers for Extrovert Personalities

When looking at personalities of individuals, there are two general classifications given to everyone. Either you are an Introvert, or an Extrovert. While it is typically associated with an Introvert to work remotely, where they are away from the business that day to day activities can cause, there are some Extroverts which would also prefer a quieter working environment, while still meeting their word quota for each day.

When deciding on whether or not you are an Introvert or an Extrovert, you can answer a few questions pretty quickly to determine your personality type.

Do you like to talk with people on a regular basis?

Do you like to speak in front of other people?

Do you seek out Social Situations?

Would you rather talk an issue out, rather than thinking about it?

If you answered yes to a majority of these questions, then you are in fact an Extrovert. With knowing that, as an Extrovert, there is nothing wrong with still wanting to work from a remote location. However, you need to be more selective with the kind of job you take. For example, being an accountant where you have very little interaction with others on a daily basis is probably not the right venue for you as Extrovert. Therefore, here are a few different career possibilities for those who have an Extrovert personality.

1) Event Planning

This is a role where you can utilize a home office, while also giving you the flexibility to go out and meet with clients as you need to. By having the home office, you can still control how the office looks and feels, while giving you the plasticity to have the necessary tools to do a good job, while also still reporting to a firm to gauge what needs to be done on a daily routine. As an Event Planner, you will be in charge of a variety of different events, both big and small, allowing you to build your network of connections. These connections will continue to lead to bigger and better opportunities for you to grow your business, while meeting a diverse amount of people. You will have plenty of chances to talk with people on a day in and day out basis, which will help you stay engaged with the business.

2) Customer Service

This is the opportunity most people naturally go to when they think about being able to work from home. As a Customer Service representative, you have the ability to talk to a multitude of people, and have the opportunity to come up with solutions to their problems. This is a high volume industry, which will give you plenty of chances to talk with people on a daily basis. Almost all big corporations have call centers, but also hire people to work remotely, especially if they are tight on workable space within their buildings. This way, they can also stagger the number of customer service agents working at once by having them work different shifts. Of all the options, this is one of the easiest career choices to get started in.

3) Sales

Within most offices, the executive teams do not want to see a salesperson in the office. The reason for this is because if a salesperson is in the office, typically, that means they are not in the field making a sale. Although there will have to be occasional times where you will need to go into the office for the business you work for, more times than not, you can create your own schedule, which gives you a vast amount of flexibility. This role does require a little bit more communication with those at the office compared to some other remote careers, but the amount of flexibility typically outweighs this. Plus, you are out and talking with customers, or new clients, on a daily basis, which fits right into your personality.

4) Project Management

This is similar to the Event Planning, but on a higher scale. You are working under the same concepts though, as there is a beginning and an end to each project, with a specific goal or criteria that is given that needs to be met. Within Project Management, you are typically working more with the executive teams of a business, while also reporting to your own boss on a regular basis. Most Project Management professionals work out of their own work space, whether that is a home office, or renting a small business area. If you are someone who enjoys talking with a variety of people, and enjoy the pressure of working under tight deadlines while optimizing and allocating the necessary resources to complete each project, this might be the right career path for you.

5) Theater

Theater is an occupation where you can do most of the practicing from home, but still are able to interact with a good amount of people on a weekly basis. Between practices and performances, you will have the opportunity to speak in front of the public multiple times. The amount of flexibility is up to you, but there are hard set dates for your performances you have to keep. If you are not afraid of putting yourself out there for anyone to see, then Theater is a clear option for you to explore.

No matter which of these five options you want to explore, it is clear there are plenty of opportunities available for an Extrovert to work remotely, and still meet the needs that their personalities desire.

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