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FAQ About Remote Jobs

Do these jobs accept international applicants?

Jobs that are listed under “Global, Worldwide” are open to international applicants unless the description mentions specific locations as included or excluded. Please read the job descriptions carefully. You can also apply to the jobs listed under your specific region such as “Europe”, “Asia Pacific”, and many others.

Why do some remote companies not accept international applicants?

Every country across the globe has their own unique hiring laws and policies. Companies also have their own unique needs for how and when work is completed. For example, often employees need to work in the same time zone as their colleagues for daily communication and collaboration.

Are remote jobs legitimate work from home opportunities?

Absolutely! Remote jobs are offered from real companies that are looking for employees or freelancers to work from their own home or other remote location. Please be aware of the difference between remote jobs and “work from home” scams on social media that are not legitimate jobs.

FAQ About Remote Work

How can I work remotely from home?

You can start by browsing remote jobs online to see what positions are typically offered with a remote or telecommute option. Then assess your skills and prepare your remote resume. Set up your home office and check the quality of your computer and internet speed so you are ready to do virtual interviews. You are then ready to begin applying for remote jobs that fit your skill level!

What equipment do I need to work from home?

Typically, you will need a PC or Mac computer, reliable high speed internet, headset, webcam, and specific software that the job position requires. Each job may have their own unique requirements.

How can I work in a different county than where I live now?

The jobs on this site are listed under the region where the employer requires you to either live or have work authorization. For example, if you are from Australia but you want to work remotely in Europe, you will need to do one of the following:

  • work remotely for an Australian-based company, or
  • have EU work authorization to work remotely for a European company, or
  • apply for “Global” jobs that allow you to work remotely from any location.

FAQ About This Website

How do I delete or modify my job listings?

You can manage your job listings from your Job Dashboard. Simply hover over the job listing to show the available options.

Do you accept blog Guest Posts?

We do not usually accept guest articles. On a very rare occasion we will accept a high quality guest post that is highly relevant to our audience as a B2B mutually-beneficial cooperation.

Do you offer Sponsored Posts on your blog?

Yes, occasionally. If we think your company or product is highly relevant and helpful to the remote and work-at-home audience, we will write a blog post involving your product or company and post it on our Remote Blog. Please use the contact us page for sending your proposal and to inquire about fees.