Facts and Stats about Working from Home

Did you know that one in five Americans already work from home? This means that if you know fifty people, probably ten of them work from home at least one day per week and this number is rising faster than ever. Interesting fact, isn’t it?

We collected some awesome facts and statistics about working from home. Here they are:

Fact One: 47% of Telecommuters Are Very Satisfied

47% of those who work from home say that they’re very satisfied with the way they live and work. This is an incredibly huge number compared to the 27% of those who are happy in their office jobs. Almost half of the people who work from home are content with their job and don’t want to change the way they work in the near future.

Fact Two: 82% of Telecommuters Have Lower Stress Levels

82% percent of those who work from home said in a study that their stress level lowered since living this kind of lifestyle. For some of them, the main reasons were that they didn’t like to interact with their co-workers. Other reasons might be that at home you can create an environment that is designed for your needs and experience less interruption throughout the day.

Fact Three: No. 1 Reason to Work from Home is Avoiding Commute

Many people want to work from home because it gives them greater flexibility, they feel that they are more productive, they can save money, or they just want to avoid commuting. It is understandable if you think about the enormous amount of time (many hours) that you spend commuting if you work in an office in a larger city or you commute from one city to another.

Fact Four: Working from Home is Eco-Friendly

Who would’ve thought that working from home is not just great for you but also for the environment? Since there are fewer commuters on their way to work every morning and every evening, they use less fuel. If you want to help save the planet by reducing air pollution, one way to do it is to stay at home and use your car less frequently.

Fact Five: Telecommuting Increases Productivity

Working from home proves to be more productive that working from an office. People who changed their lifestyle from working in an office to working from home demonstrate more productive results. They can meet deadlines and just get more done in a day. It’s probably because they immediately save some time with skipping commuting hours and they can also focus more on their work when they are not interrupted by co-workers.

Fact Six: Half of People Will Work Remote by 2020

Statistics say that by 2020 half of all people globally will work from home. This doesn’t necessarily mean that more and more people will become self-employed or start their own business. Many of the big corporations are creating more ways to make it possible for their employees to work from home.

Fact Seven: Over Half of Remote Employees Work More Than 40 Hours

You might think that working remotely means that you can work less if your boss is not watching you. But in reality, working from home seems to build trust and honesty if you look at this number. Work from home employees work more than employees in offices. So, it looks like they don’t want to get away from work, but that they enjoy working from home.

Fact Eight: The Higher the Position, the More Time You Spend Outside the Office

Research shows that if you are a business owner, an executive, or a manager, you are more likely to spend time outside the office even if you don’t work fully remote. This fact can be explained by the fact that if you’re a business owner or manager, you probably have meetings outside the office more often that your employees.

Fact Nine: 25% Would Accept a Reduction in Salary

If they could choose from higher salary or working from home, 25% of people would go for the work at home option even if it means lower salary for them. It’s a surprising fact that people value flexibility and working outside an office more than money.

Fact Ten: Teleworkers Spend 1 Hour a Day on Social Media

You might think that people who work from home spend more time on Facebook, Twitter, etc. than the ones working from the office because what they do is less visible to others. In fact, telecommuters only spend 1 hour, on average, on social media channels even if they don’t have to hide their activity.

Most of these facts and stats say that working from home has great advantages. You are happier, healthier, you contribute to saving the planet, and at the same time you are more productive and engaged with your employer.

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