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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I modify or delete my job post?
You can make changes to your job listing in the Job Dashboard. On a desktop computer, you need to move your mouse over the job listing to see the available options.

How many applications will I receive?
The number of applications varies greatly depending on job requirements and skill level. For example, entry level jobs accepting worldwide applicants are likely to receive hundreds of applications while a highly specialized position may receive a couple dozen applications.

Do you accept job posts for online gig websites?
Yes! As long as candidates can sign up to work free of charge we will likely approve your job listing. Some examples of these may be tutoring, website bug testing, transcription, etc.

Why did my job post not get approved?
Our approval process is strict to ensure only high quality, legitimate jobs are posted on this site. If your job post is even suspected as being illegitimate or an attempt at spamming, it is removed immediately and usually with no notice.

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