Best Tools for Freelancers to Start a Business

Working from home as a freelancer can be both rewarding and challenging. While freelancers enjoy the benefit of having a flexible schedule and work-life balance, they may also fall quickly into bad routines and reduced productivity if not set up properly to work from home.

If you are a freelancer, digital nomad, or a remote worker, you pretty much play every role in your business. Being your own boss and working for yourself sounds fantastic, but it is impossible to work efficiently and productively without some help.

And thanks to the digital age, you won’t have to hire a team to manage your freelance business. The internet has revolutionized remote work in the last few years and there are many online applications/tools to help you kick-start your freelance business.

Here at Remote Global, we have made a list of the best tools for freelancers to start a business. These tools will reduce the time you spend writing invoices and help you focus on work that actually gets you the money!




Creating project proposals and finding clients is an important part of a freelancer’s life. Here are some tools you can use to create stunning proposals quickly.

Bidksetch is a software that lets you create professional-looking client proposals with the help of ready-made templates – cutting your time spent by half.

Proposify has an array of customizable templates and is perfect for freelancers who want to create visually stunning proposals.

Slideshare is great for creating presentations, infographics, business documents, and more.


As a freelancer, it’s important that you keep track of your work hours to send an accurate invoice to your client. These are some tools that’ll help you do just that.

Toggl is a free online time tracking tool. This is a perfect choice if you charge your client by the hour. It also allows you to make notes on your progress and generate reports for your clients.

OfficeTime helps you manage your time and allows you to see exactly how much money you are earning per hour.

Klok is designed especially for freelancers who need to manage their time, earnings, and projects as they work. They feature a visual display of your time and tasks and help you organize your clients and projects.

Harvest offers time and expense tracking,invoicing, and can be integrated with 100+ Apps. If you are just starting out on your freelance business, then you can try their free plan (one person and two projects) to see if this tool works for you.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT is a project management tool with features such as expense tracking, time tracking, generating reports, creating proposals, etc. This tool is perfect for freelancers, microbusinesses, and independent contractors who are looking for a quick and easy way to manage their business needs.

Trello is a simple tool that helps you organize your work in the form of boards, lists, and cards. While working on a project, you can share the board with your client so they know at what stage you are at.

Asana is a group collaboration tool that helps teams to organize, track, and manage their work. You can use it for free for up to 15 people.

Evernote is a great tool for task management, storing notes, receipts, and files associated with projects.


FreshBooks is a simple invoice system that’ll help you save loads of time writing and organizing invoices. It is free until you have more than three clients.

Wave Accounting is an invoicing, accounting, payroll, and personal finance app. They have free plans where you can manage your income and expenses and create professional invoices.

FreeAgent is a perfect choice for freelancers and small businesses for all their bookkeeping and invoicing needs. can be used to send invoices and even get notified when the client has viewed it. This feature comes in very handy when you want to send any late payment reminders!


Google Drive is a fantastic choice for sharing files with clients. The entire Google suite is extremely useful and easy to use.

Dropbox syncs with your computer locally ensuring that every file is saved and backed-up automatically.

iCloud is a storage solution that’s fully integrated into the Apple OS. It offers back up and syncs with all your devices using your Apple ID.


Mailchimp is a great platform to grow your freelance business through email marketing. You can keep your clients updated about your business or a new product using ready-made easy to use templates. Mailchimp offers a free plan for up to 2000 subscribers – a pretty good deal, especially if you are just starting your freelance business.

HubSpot launched a free email marketing platform that allows you to send 2000 emails a month so you can stay in touch with your clients.


Canva is a free tool that can be used to create stunning graphics with pre-made templates and a media library filled with stock images, icons, and colorful backgrounds.


Being organized is vital to becoming a freelancer and starting your own business. Here are some tools that’ll help you be at the top of your game.

Remember The Milk is a great tool to keep reminders and prioritize your most important tasks.

Google Calendar is a web-based tool that’s easy to use. Organize your monthly, weekly and daily schedule to give a boost to your productivity.

Wunderlist is great if you are working in a team and want to share to-do lists with each other.


FocusBooster is a must-have productivity booster tool that follows the Pomodoro technique. This tool helps you remove distractions and motivates you to complete your tasks on time.

TomatoTimer is similar to FocusBooster that helps you stay focused and manage your time effectively.

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