A Work From Home Dad’s Perspective

People might tell you that it’s easy to be a work from home dad, but from my own experience, it’s not, but don’t get me wrong, being a work from home dad is sometimes fun. It’s fun because you will have many chances to connect with your kid, but that will also mean cooking for them, cleaning, and pretty much, taking care of them every other hour.

Here is my story:

I have a degree in banking and had spent over seven years in an office environment. I never had a chance to climb the ladder as was everyone else, but I was sincerely making good money. The fact that holding a senior position was almost near impossible at the place I used to work, it inspired me to look for other alternatives. Since I had a passion for writing, I endeavored to make a go of it while I was still working. I could see some of my best friends doing freelance jobs doing very well, and one day, I just decide to give it a try, full time, which of course would mean staying at home with my family. What I didn’t know was that making a living as a writer was hard, very hard indeed. My “smart” career move made me a stay at home dad since my wife had to look for full-time office work. So I didn’t become a work from home dad by choice, things just got tough. Writing has not been easy, but I suppose my relentless desire to be my own boss has been my best motivation.

Challenges of working at home and the fun side of it:

Kids take things in a very clear and simple way; as far as they are concerned, there is no cross-over between work and home life. Work doesn’t happen at home, so how could you possibly be working at home; they never get it, and you cannot simply tell them “excuse me, Dad is working!”

But here is the thing, your kids are your best motivation, you know that they depend on you for everything and seeing them all the time makes you work harder or more than at any office environment. Kids are also incredibly adaptable, not to mention intuitive, so the more you work at home, the more they become accustomed to it, and they can easily recognize your routine, so with time, working close to them actually becomes fun.

It’s sometimes boring:

When I started working from home it was a bit of a novelty; my kid would come in for those funny senseless chats, just to find out what I was up to, but now she understands that I am working. So most of the time I find myself seated all day gazing at my computer screen for 12 hours a day which is sometimes quite boring.

If there is one great thing I have come to realize as a work from home dad, it’s that there is a great value in taking care of your own kids and taking care of everything that goes wrong in your house; I love doing it, but society sometimes stigmatizes the idea of being a househusband. That’s why I think it’s important to have something else to do even if it’s just part time; a project that contributes to society, something that in some way will allow one to be more than a work from home dad.

Since I know how challenging and tough being a work from home dad can be, I am full of admiration for all dads working at home. Since I know how rewarding it can be, I never intend to go back to an office environment.

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