9 Best Remote Jobs in Sales

The number of people working at least one day a week remotely has grown by 400% since 2010, according to GetApp, and 42% plan to work remotely more often in the next five years.

With remote working on the rise, it’s the flexibility that’s hooking so many workers around the globe onto this new way of living a rewarding work/life balance. There are so many opportunities to work from anywhere – not only do remote workers see a higher quality of life, there’s also higher earning potential.

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Freelancing on the side is also more accessible as people have so much more time, saved by skipping the commute to work.

And the transition to remote working is easier than you think. To jump into a world that offers flexibility and a higher standard of working, here’s some top tips to succeed at remote working.

Sales organizations are becoming ever more adaptive to their environment and adopting flexible working as the new normal. In the age of advanced technology, it makes migrating to remote working that much more uncomplicated. And when the majority of work is conducted on laptops, devices and online, it makes it impossible to think of reasons why workers have to be restricted to the office. Salespeople can work from anywhere that has a phone or internet to partake in crucial elements of client outreach.

Below you’ll find a list of common sales jobs that can be remote. Large companies are hiring for these roles with remote working incentives.


Sales isn’t always looking for new customers or selling to people who don’t know your products and services. Account Managers are responsible for ensuring they’re developing strong relationships with existing customers, providing more solutions to their ever-changing needs and opening new business opportunities to expand current revenue from existing streams.


Receiving and processing orders, Sales Administrators are responsible for managing the daily paperwork that comes with customer relationship management to provide healthy support for the sales specialists and managers.


If there are businesses, marketers are needed. Selling is no longer confined to knocking on doors or making cold calls, but injected into the most creative ways possible. Marketing covers a broad range of disciplines, from Social Media Marketing, to Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing.

If you know that marketing is for you but you’re not sure which area to specialize in, you can either offer all areas of expertise, or move between them to expand your knowledge.

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This sales role is instrumental to bringing in new customers. Casting a wide net and focusing on nurturing prospects to leads to customers, Business Development Executives are responsible for generating sales leads, sourcing new opportunities and on-boarding new customers. From a selling perspective, these salespeople need to focus on the business reasons for why someone should invest in the company and offer viable solutions to their challenges.


Sales Specialists provide assistance for customer orders, keeping track of account statuses (and have these to hand for customer inquiries) and manage sales tools. Facilitating orders is a large role undertaken by a Sales Specialist as it’s a basic, yet essential part of the sales function. As tasks are fairly basic, this is ideal for remote working.


A Sales Manager is responsible for the well-being and productivity of the sales team – that can include the Sales Specialists, Business Development Executives and Sales Administrator. And if your team are all working remotely, then so can you. As you’re managing a team and monitoring their performance, you don’t necessarily need to be face-to-face. Virtual conferencing makes having 1-to-1s simple.


Pre-sales are responsible for educating customers on the products and services available to them. Acting as a technical tool to Sales Specialists and Account Managers, Pre-sales provide technical sales support with demos, technical troubleshooting and allow the wider customer team to interact with the sales team to get a more rounded idea of the relationship they’ll have to look forward to.


Heading up an entire division, a Sales Director, or a Head of Sales, is responsible for the financials. Ensuring that targets are met, the Sales Director works directly with peers from other divisions to ensure that the sales team is working efficiently and holistically to support the wider business objectives. Often tasked with communicating with employees in other regions, their daily meetings consist mostly of virtual conference calls. This is the ideal remote sales job as the majority of your interactions are online regardless of where you’re based.


Calling prospects on behalf of the sales and marketing team is another role that is perfect for working remotely. As you’re constantly picking up the phone and calling a set list of targets, you don’t need to physically interact with anyone. The responsibilities of a Telemarketer are to ensure that you’re selling a business, product or solution to a prospective customer; a prospective customer whose first contact with the business is you. You’ll be selling with a dedicated script so you won’t need to learn too much beforehand, but you will have to use the power of negotiation and sell while being calm and collected.

These were some remote jobs in Sales that are in demand and being recruited largely by companies globally. If you are new to remote working, and would like to kick-start your journey today, here are some free resources from Remote Global