6 Jobs You Never Thought Of Doing From Home

So you want to leave your job and begin a new remote career, but you’re hitting a few obstacles. This is completely normal. Making big changes in your life isn’t always easy and there are many factors to be considered. Maybe you feel the way I once did – you want to quit your job, you want to work from home, but you feel you are not educated enough or perhaps you think there is no way to continue on your career path in an online role. On both counts, I can happily tell you that you are wrong – there are many weird and wonderful remote jobs out there that require all types of different skill sets. Here are 6 jobs that you might not have thought of doing from home:

1. Translator or Transcriber

Can you listen and type fairly quickly? Or are you fluent in a few different languages? Then you could consider taking freelance jobs translating documents or transcribing audio files.

2. Personal Shopper

This job would be perfect if you want to work for yourself and you enjoy going shopping. There are a huge number of folks who struggle to do their shopping due to disability, illness, or advanced age and for a reasonable fee, you could offer your services to them. Two great options for this are TaskRabbit for finding people in your local area or start your own online based personal shopping business.

3. Infographic Designer

Graphic designers are always assured of work in the freelance market, but right now there is a huge demand for folks who can design exciting and attention-grabbing infographics. If you’ve got this skill you could turn it into a small income for yourself. Fiverr is a great startup option for selling your infographic skills.

4. Online Moderator

This job involves monitoring comments, chat rooms, Facebook posts, and other community-based platforms. Part of their duties include removing posts or comments and settling online disputes. As these sites spring up like mushrooms, so does the demand for moderators.

5. Online Teacher, Tutor, or Coach

Even if you are not a professionally trained teacher there is work for people who enjoy helping and training others. With Skype and other tools, it is easier than ever to connect to anyone and share knowledge this way.

6. Content Writer

If you enjoy reading and writing and are willing to learn as you go along, there is a huge demand for writers to create online content for blogs and web pages. Additionally, there are opportunities for writing reviews, dialogue for YouTube videos and podcasts, product descriptions, and much more.

If you are not sure what kind of job you want to do from home, I would suggest starting with a list of your skills. You’ll be surprised at how often people turn their forgotten skills into online jobs and start a work from home job that they actually enjoy. Make sure your resume is up to date as well – you don’t want to see an amazing job offer and then scramble to get your documents in order. Your perfect job is out there – just keep looking!

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