6 Blockchain Jobs You Can Work Remotely

Blockchain Technology has been receiving huge attention since the invention of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Blockchain has seen a steady rise in the past decade. Even though the revolutionary technology was first distrusted by some, the industry’s continued growth has changed people’s perceptions. Today, blockchain jobs are becoming popular in the digital world, requiring professionals with crucial skills. Blockchain professionals are highly paid with startups, governments, large organizations, and tech firms recruiting blockchain experts that are highly skilled in this domain.

If the idea of working in this growing revolutionary field appeals to you, there are many opportunities to explore. There are plenty of remote jobs available if you want to work from anywhere in the world.

Let’s take a look at the top 6 blockchain jobs that you can work remotely.

  1. Blockchain Engineer/Developer:

There are many jobs for blockchain engineers and developers in the digital industry. These jobs are mainly divided into two major categories;

  • Core Blockchain Developers/Engineers

  • Blockchain Software Developers/Engineers

To get a remote blockchain job as a blockchain engineer or developer, you must have the technical skills of C++, JavaScript, and Python. In addition, you should have a complete understanding of the working of cryptocurrencies and blockchain architecture. In-depth knowledge of cryptography, data structures, smart contracts, and a clear proficiency in web development is required.

The responsibilities of core blockchain developers can revolve around designing blockchain protocols, consensus protocols, security patterns, network architecture, and supervising the blockchain network. On the other hand, the blockchain software developers are responsible for developing smart contracts and interactive designs for Dapps(Decentralized Applications)

  1. Cryptocurrency Developer:

The responsibilities of a cryptocurrency developer and a blockchain developer are, to some extent, the same. The difference is that cryptocurrency developers are more inclined towards core blockchain development and can also focus on blockchain software development.

The technical skills required for becoming a professional cryptocurrency developer are

  • C++

  • JavaScript

  • Python

In addition to this, a cryptocurrency developer must fully understand the blockchain and cryptocurrency architecture. Their job involves designing blockchain protocols, consensus protocols, cryptocurrency security patterns, cryptocurrency network architecture etc.

Knowledge of the data structures like Merkle trees, Patricia trees associated with cryptocurrencies is also preferred, with a vast understanding of Smart Contracts, cryptography, and cryptography methods (such as hash functions). One must also be highly proficiency in Front-end web development and back-end web development.

  1. Blockchain Security Engineer:

Blockchain security engineers are required to be at the forefront of blockchain security systems.

These blockchain security systems can be blockchain security, infosec as well as security research. An understanding of blockchain, data security, and statistics is required to maintain blockchain network security. In addition, blockchain security engineers need to have great communication skills to communicate with key stakeholders.

For example, the technical requirements to become an Ethereum blockchain security engineer are exceptional skills in

  • EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)

  • Ethereum Yellow Paper

Fluency in Solidity, Python, and JavaScript is essential. In addition to this, one should have a complete understanding of API design and must be experienced in Linux and Git. Finally, the security engineer should be able to work with many methodologies such as Sprint, Scrum, and Waterfall. All of these technical skills are required for blockchain security engineers. Their major functions are to work with blockchain teams to review their code, scrutinize them and develop new blockchain security tools.

  1. Blockchain Analyst:

Blockchain analysts are required by trading companies to keep themselves updated with cryptocurrency trades. The companies usually hire them to analyze blockchain data. After analysis, they provide relevant cryptocurrency trading strategies to the companies they are working for.

Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. in appropriate technical fields such as engineering, computer science, or math is required for this job. Sometimes a degree is not always required if you have sufficient experience in the blockchain industry.

A blockchain analyst should have a good understanding of blockchain coding languages such as

  • Python

  • Golang.

Employers usually hire candidates who have experience in platforms like Hyperledger and R3.

Good knowledge of cryptocurrency architecture and blockchain architecture is also preferred. Blockchain analysts usually work with data-related functions. Hence, blockchain analysts must have sufficient experience in data structures and data extracting, cleaning, and data transformation.

  1. Blockchain Full Stack Developer:

A blockchain full stack developer works on the front-end as well as the back-end. Recently, there has been a huge demand for blockchain full-stack developers in the cryptocurrency industry.

Blockchain full-stack developers form the backbone of any blockchain project. They are required to have exceptional problem-solving and communication skills and must be able to work under pressure.

Expertise in the following programming languages are required –

  • C++

  • JavaScript

  • HTML

The blockchain full stack developer must clearly understand the working of blockchain, and should be aware of the blockchain development tools. The blockchain full-stack developers should clearly understand database technologies like MongoDB and MySQL. Their work usually revolves around designing the front-end of websites and taking care of the user interface. They also handle things on the back-end of the technology and develop APIs, servers, and databases. Expertise in Adobe creative suite is preferable.

6. Cryptocurrency Researcher

Cryptocurrency researcher identifies strategic investment opportunities in companies and works with the mission of accelerating the global adoption of cryptocurrency. One must have a deep understanding of –

  • Computer Science

  • Distributed Systems

  • Consensus Algorithms

  • Networking

  • Game Theory

Apart from this, you should be able to identify unconventional trends and emerging technologies. So if you have a sharp analytical mind with a killer instinct, this job might work for you really well!

The emergence of blockchain technology and decentralized applications is already changing the world as we know it. If you are interested in remote jobs and exploring exciting blockchain projects, visit our  job listings.