5 Ways That Working From Home Could Improve Your Health

Can working from home, instead of going into the office every day, really improve your health? That’s the question on many people’s minds when they start considering telecommuting. As more and more companies expand their operations to include remote staff people are starting to notice a difference in their health. The good news is that consensus seems to be positive all round, for both employees and employers. Yes, the improved health of the employees is paying off for the companies too; in the form of reduced sick days and increased productivity.

Okay, so people are reporting that they feel healthier when they work from home, but how exactly is this happening? It seems to be a culmination of factors, depending of course on the personal situation and circumstances of each employee. We should also remember that going in to work at an office each day is not necessarily bad; some people prefer it. Working outside the home exposures us to other people, which is healthy because we are social creatures. But the problem that most people encounter is balance – they find it impossible to have enough time for both their work and personal lives. Not being able to achieve this balance is an enormous source of stress and when all know that stress is terribly detrimental to our health.

Here are a few of the ways that telecommuting can improve your health:

Less exposure to air pollution: This depends on your location and how you commute to work. If you are sitting in long traffic jams every day you can just imagine how all the emissions could be affecting you.

Fewer infections: There’s a terrible catch-22 situation that occurs in the office. People come in to work sick. They do this because it’s frowned upon to be ill, so they soldier on into the office, cough, and sneeze and then infect everyone else.

Easier to exercise: If you have a flexible schedule it’s so much easier to squeeze in exercise and you can do it when it suits you.

Better food choices: You know how it goes in the office – pizzas for late night projects; binges at the vending machines, cakes for birthdays etc. Working from home can remove some of these temptations and encourage you to prepare healthier food instead. And if you don’t commute, you could use that time to cook instead.

Decreased stress levels: Cutting out your commute, doing away with constant distractions and noisy co-workers, having a flexible work schedule; these are all excellent ways to lower your stress levels. And employees who feel content work more productively so this is a win/win situation with the employer as well.

So there you have it; some of the many ways that telecommuting could help improve your health. It’s really about finding the balance and having a home office is a quick way to achieve this. When you feel that you can make healthy choices, be with your family more, and work in a comfortable environment, your stress levels will decrease, and accordingly, you’ll start feeling great in both your body and your mind. Another benefit to working at home – it just makes sense, doesn’t it?

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