25 Medical Companies Hiring Remote Workers

According to Global Market Insights, telemedicine industry will surpass $175 billion by 2026. That’s great news for remote job seekers from the healthcare industry. Jobs in the healthcare industry are stable, are in high demand, and are increasingly becoming remote-friendly.

If you are looking for a remote job in a rewarding industry, then the healthcare industry is certainly a good choice.

Most commonly hired remote medical positions are:

  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Therapist
  • Dietitian
  • Medical Call Center Agent
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Medical Coder
  • Patient Intake Coordinator
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Administrator

There are plenty of remote opportunities for those who may not be from the healthcare industry. There are medical companies that hire across various sectors of the medical industry. A few industries are:

  • Customer Service
  • Project Management
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Risk and Compliance


We have curated a list of 25 medical companies where you can explore and discover remote work opportunities. Kindly note that the below list of companies may or may not be hiring now, please be sure to bookmark our job board for latest remote jobs.

  1. Anthem

A health insurance company, Anthem hires remote workers for various positions. They have vacancies for professionals from the medical field, data analytics, business support, human resources, marketing etc.

  1. Teladoc Health

Teledoc, founded in 2002, was one of the first virtual healthcare providers in the United States. They offer various medical services by phone, video or app. Teledoc is used for a range of services, including non emergency medical services, paediatric services, mental health, dermatology etc.

  1. AmWell

Formerly known as American well, Amwell offers general medical services, therapy sessions and nutritionists consultation through a phone, tablet or computer.

  1. Aetna

Aetna is America’s leading healthcare benefits company. They provide healthcare insurance services and products. They frequently hire remote professionals from the healthcare industry.

  1. MDLive

Founded in 2009, MDLIVE has certified physicians and other healthcare professionals available for 24 hours on phone or online video. Like other telemedicine companies, they also treat non emergency medical conditions. They hire medical professionals who are provided with the option of flexible working.

  1. Merck

Merck is a pharmaceutical company that deals with biologic therapies, vaccines and animal health. They hire for positions in sectors such as R and D, manufacturing and supply, human health, animal health and global support functions.

  1. HealthTap

Their mission is to provide universal access to high quality affordable healthcare from certified doctors 24/7 from any device. They are also known for proactively maintaining a diverse workforce.

  1. PlushCare Inc

Plushcare is an upcoming telehealth company that provides online appointments to all who are looking for doctor consultations. They even provide same day appointments, bookings within 15 minutes, and easy to use video chat sessions.

  1. SnapMD, Inc

An award winning telemedicine platform, SnapMD is one of the best platforms in the country. They offer career opportunities for medical professionals from various sectors.

  1. Change Healthcare

Change healthcare is a healthcare technology services company that hires remote workers for a variety of medical and non-medical positions.

  1. EviCore Healthcare

A healthcare services company, they hire remote employees from the IT industry for roles such as product manager, solution architect, and business analyst.

  1. iCliniq

iCliniq provides a variety of medical services such as oncology, psychiatry, gynecology, dentistry, dentistry, general medicine etc via online consultations and phone.

  1. Humana

Humana is a health insurance provider that hires large number of remote workers to fill vacancies across different sectors.

  1. Magellan Health

If you are from a medical background, then you can explore interesting jobs at Magellan Health. Some positions that are in demand are assessment nurses, clinical pharmacists, care managers, medical directors, etc.

  1. McKesson

McKesson is a pharmaceutical company that hires remote workers on a regular basis. Right now, there are 1200+ urgent vacancies for roles in vaccine distribution. You can apply for these positions here.

  1. Syneos Health

Syneos Health is a fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions company. They hire professionals from the clinical, commercial and corporate sectors.

  1. United Health

Explore career opportunities globally with United Health Group. More than 325,000 people work worldwide and they have offices in all 50 states in the US and in 33 countries.

  1. Nutrimedy

Built by Doctors and Dietitians, Nutrimedy provides personalized support ranging from general wellness to complex dietary restrictions. They specialise in gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, nephrology and oncology.

  1. CareClix

CareClix is a leading global telehealth provider. They offer a variety of telehealth services for providers, organizations and patients.

  1. USA Doctor Consult

Patients can book online medical consultations with US based doctors. They are based out of North Caroline. They specialise in women’s health, men’s health, nutrition, lifestyle and medical consulting.

  1. LiveHealth Online

Another highly rated telehealth provider, LiveHealth Online recruits doctors, nurses and specializes in Allergy, Psychology and Psychiatry.

  1. Unum

Unum is a life and disability insurance company based out of Tennessee. While searching jobs in their careers page, we recommend you type in the word “remote” to filter work from home jobs.

  1. HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare owns and operates healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics. They hire for positions such as insurance specialists, discrepancy analyst, and customer service representatives.

  1. Novartis

Novartis is a pharmaceutical and healthcare and offers solutions to improve patient’s lives. Check out their careers page for remote work options.

  1. Saliant Health

Saliant Health is a healthcare analytics platform that places professionals in a broad range of disciplines including registered nurses, occupational, physical, speech, and respiratory therapists, lab technicians, CT, MRI, radiology and ultrasound technicians.

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