22 Useful Apps for Remote Workers

In this post, you will discover apps that will significantly improve your work from home process, maximize your productivity and help you stay on task while operating from your home office. These apps are perfect for anyone who is new to remote working, freelancing, or for experienced remote workers looking to find suggestions on latest remote work apps. Many of these apps are available for iOS and Android.

Read on to discover some must-have remote apps that may change the way you work remotely.


Workfrom helps discover local coffee shops, co-working spots, cafes, and alternative spaces where people can meet to work. It’s ideal for someone who is a digital nomad, freelancer, entrepreneur, or a remote professional who wants to switch up their work place and socialize with other workers. Ranked with 4 stars on the App Store, Workfrom is one of the most comprehensive applications designed to equip remote workers’ requirements.


Its popularity has increased vastly in the recent past with companies using the platform for video conferencing and meetings. It has been a valuable tool for conducting webinars since it allows messaging in virtual meetings and screen sharing.

Time Buddy

Time Buddy is a flexible app for workers worldwide, giving instant international timings. It allows scheduling meetings and events and is also a popular visual world clock, using time zone converters and schedulers.


Two advantages of using Serene are, it motivates users to set a daily goal to stay focused, and it blocks unnecessary websites during work sessions. It also provides a timer to be on track with schedules and manage a to-do list and a daily planner. Additionally, it allows music to play in the background while working and automatically puts the phone on silent to avoid distractions.


Slack is a messaging platform designed for efficient communication for teamwork. Its key feature is forming channels, which team members can join and leave at their will; this reduces receiving irrelevant notifications. Members can update their availability status, share files and screens, and conduct video and voice calls.


As the name suggests, Todoist is popular for its to-do lists, task scheduling, reminders, and measuring daily progress. It permits delegating tasks in shared projects and integrates tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, Amazon, Alexa, etc.

Just Press Record

It is an award-winning phone audio recorder that additionally provides transcription and iCloud syncing to all devices. The audio can be converted into text , which can later be shared and organized.


Toggl is an efficient app that allows its users to track time while working on a specific task. This application is specifically designed for remote workers, especially freelancers, to keep in check their billings and payments for the projects they’ve done.


As the name suggests, it is an efficient note-taking platform for teams working on a specific project. Additionally, it allows keeping notes organized and syncing them on all devices for practicality.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the top-rated cloud networks for people to share, access, and collaborate on data in real-time across the globe. It allows sharing, documents, presentations, and spreadsheets – all the essentials for workers – and provides cloud storage.

Google Docs

Google Docs is similar to Google Drive because it allows sharing, accessing, and collaboration in real-time, anywhere, anytime across the globe. The only difference is that this app is specifically used for documents, unlike Google Drive, which is also used for photos, videos, and music.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a time management and scheduling calendar service. It’s easy to use and if you have a google account, you can get started right away. It works with most browsers like google chrome, internet explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari.


Hours helps remote workers to track their time, provides a visual timeline and a bulk time-sheet entry too.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor has fully customizable features that can be turned on or off anytime as needed. Some of its features include automating screenshots to help track activity, track time for breaks, clients and projects, giving detailed reports, timesheets, and integrating with all prominent management tools.


This app is considered to be the best at project management for individuals collaborating. It is a good tool for managing, scheduling, conducting meetings, tracking assignments and documents. It is worthwhile to note that all of these can be managed from a single platform alone.


Perdoo is recognized by its ‘one product – three solutions’ description. These three solutions are: designing strategies to share with clients and team members for clarity, allocating resources with the work that needs to be done provided with motivating factors, and seeing graphs – visual achievements – to track success and progress.


With 4.4 stars on the Play Store, Tide amalgamates sleep, meditation, relaxation, and mindfulness on one application. It allows remote workers to manage stress and learn to stay focused and motivated better. This app is perfect for those who seek relief from anxiety, and exhaustion and stress.


Seven is an exercise app based on the studies provided for 7-minute workouts, that are carefully planned for each individual. It helps remote workers connect with motivated instructors, have custom workouts, create discipline and even compete and earn rewards.


Timezone.io provides tracking tools of when and where the team is. It is an app that displays all workers’ time in any time zone to provide easy communication, collaboration, and scheduling. It helps keep up with nomadic workers as well.


Tutanota is a secure, encrypted software for emailing purposes. It is free to use without ads, provides private design, calendars, and can even send out anonymous emails. Private and open-sourced.


DocuSign is designed for business professionals to allow transactions and signing agreements from all over the world. It allows users to open accounts, arrange and confirm deliveries, and finish forms in one go from a single app.


Since remote workers have many accounts to maintain crucial data, it is essential to have strong passwords for all accounts for data security. Having numerous passwords can be difficult to remember; and 1password helps remote workers remember passwords while keeping their accounts secure and safe.


These are 22 useful apps to help remote workers boost productivity and efficiency. With the current digital advancement, it is essential to have such applications for maximum productivity.