12 Tech Companies Hiring Remote Workers

The global pandemic may have shook worldwide businesses and employment, but some companies that embraced remote working such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google are emerging without major financial devastation.

These companies are expanding their talent pool by hiring workers throughout the US and even globally. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “Over the past few decades, economic growth in the US has been quite concentrated, with major companies often hiring in a handful metropolitan areas. That means we’ve been missing out on a lot of talented people just because they happen to live outside a major hub.”

As Zuckerberg acknowledged, hiring remotely nationwide and globally is an advantage for many companies. With the benefits of working from home quickly becoming evident, and many teams proving to be as proficient as before the pandemic, we can certainly see a rise in companies offering flexible work arrangements to its employees.

If you are a remote job seeker and are from the tech industry, here are 12 TECH COMPANIES HIRING REMOTE WORKERS.

Dell Inc.

Dell is one of the largest PC corporations in the world with over 165,000 employees globally. They manufacture, sell, and repair computers, tech products, and services. Flexible work options are available full-time, part-time, flextime, or as student internship. They are currently hiring positions for the following among many others:

  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Tech Sales Specialists
  • Visual Designers

Dell has been offering remote opportunities for its employees since 2009. Check their job vacancies here.


Zapier is a global tech company that allows users to integrate the web applications together such as Quickbooks and PayPal for bookkeeping activities. These are some current job openings at Zapier:

  • Marketing, Content Specialist
  • Senior Technical Recruiter
  • Product Designer

Zapier hires people from all walks of life and celebrates diversity in the office. The company has competitive benefits and perks including vacation days, immersive learning experience, profit-sharing, and more. Check out their careers page here.


Automattic is a web development company responsible for powering a range of WordPress products such as CloudUp, JetPack, WooCommerce, and VaultPress etc. Current vacancies include the following:

  • Software Engineers
  • Product Designer
  • Systems Wrangler

Automattic has a nurturing and community-based culture with shared values of respect, diversification, and gender-equality. They organize regular meet-ups, community events where they all come together for some learning and fun. See their careers page here.


Adobe is a software company that provides web-based applications for creative professionals. Adobe is known for the creation of image and graphics editing software – Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator. As of 2019, Adobe has over 20,000 employees working worldwide. Some hiring positions include-

  • UX Designer
  • Marketing Creative
  • Photoshop Engineer

They offer well-rounded packages for employees worldwide. Check their careers page for all job openings.

Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe is a digital agency specializing in website creation and mobile applications, marketing digital solutions, and publishing platforms. They are a hybrid of independent contractors and traditional employees, with the added distinction of being 100% remote.

Some current open positions available are-

  • Frontend Engineer
  • Digital Producer
  • WordPress Technical Support

Check all remote vacancies here.


GitLab is a DevOps platform that serves as a Git-repository manager for issue-tracking, and deployment pipelines with open-source license. Some roles they are hiring for are-

  • Data and Integration Engineer
  • Product Analyst
  • Accounts Leader

GitLab is one of the world’s largest all-remote companies. The company is focused more on results than long hours, which means to say, they provide flexibility with open internal processes. They have a large community that you can interact with. See all their remote openings here.

Apple Inc.

If you have great imagination and love for innovation, Apple is a great company to work for. To browse latest job openings, create an Apple ID and sign in. They’ll get in touch with you once there’s an opening that matches your credentials.

They offer remote careers around the globe to access a talent pool worthy of growing their creative company. Click here to see which team you will fit into and apply for jobs.


Amazon is an e-commerce site that offers a selling platform for businesses. They also have cloud computing platforms, digital streaming and assets, and artificial intelligence for their products and services.

The “World’s Most Valuable Brand” has many open positions and you can see them here.

Amazon has a range of benefits for remote workers including disability accommodations, restricted stock units, and a network of support among many others.


Google specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include search engine, cloud computing software, advertising services, publishing platforms, video-sharing and more. They have nearly 115,000 employees worldwide.

Google’s culture is flexible, fun, and creative. They value trust, community, and collaboration. The company values their employees and opts to hone their professional skills like communication, management, and productivity. Check out their careers page here.


Want to work with the world’s leading social media brand? Facebook employees create products and services designed to connect people from all over the world. Recently, they acquired WhatsApp, Instagram, and Oculus to name a few. They have varied career opportunities such as:

  • UX Research for Instagram
  • Creative Director
  • Android Software Engineer

Facebook supports its employees with a range of benefits, diversity programs, and empowering people of all walks of life – veterans, people with color, etc. They have an inclusive culture and focus on community building. See all the current openings here.


HubSpot develops software-related products for marketing, sales, content management, web analytics, customer service, etc. Glassdoor ranked HubSpot as the leading work places of 2020 and the best workplace for women in 2019. They hire for positions such as –

  • Product Designer
  • Education Partner Program
  • Business Technology

Their perks and benefits include unlimited vacation(According to HubSpot, you decide when and for how long to take time off. Vacation can be used however you want; for trips or flexible day-to-days), five-year sabbatical, leadership development, and tuition reimbursement. Check current job openings here.


Nielsen is information, data, and analytics company. Nielsen employs an estimated 44,000 people in 100 countries. Some jobs that they hire for are –

  • Video Data Enrichment
  • Research and Development Manager
  • Field Quality Specialists

Nielsen invests in diverse talents and offer global mentoring opportunities with a 15-month leadership development program to improve skills and talents. They also have a range of benefits packages for those working remotely. See current jobs here.

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