11 Best Remote Jobs in Marketing

Marketing, sometimes also referred to as Sales, PR or Advertising is one of best industries to find remote work. Most of the digital marketing jobs offer flexibility, work-life balance and are ideal to work from home or as a digital nomad.

Marketing jobs have evolved so much in the last ten years with the rampant use of social media and the growth of digital global businesses. Online marketers or digital marketers perform roles that have a direct positive impact on the brand of the organization/business and is a field for highly creative people.

Below are 11 best remote jobs you can find in marketing or sales and advertising. All these roles can be done from anywhere since majority of the skills required for these jobs – such as SEO, writing, designing and video editing can be performed remotely.



An SEO specialist is responsible for implementing websites that are optimized in such a way that search engines pick them up and rank them first in search results. Top skills for this job are audience driven content creation, understanding ranking keywords and phrases, website design and layout, testing methods to understand how to gain the most organic and paid traffic etc. Also, in-depth knowledge in keyword research, SEO copywriting and behavior of search engines will help you land a senior position as a SEO strategist or SEO analyst.


As a digital PR manager, one is responsible for PR initiatives and online community management. Planning, sourcing and evaluating content for multiple social media platforms, collaborating for creative marketing ideas and understanding insight tools to drive sales revenue for clients are some of the skills that are necessary for this job. It’s an added bonus if you have experience in online media, blogging and moderating online communities. One must also have a strong understanding of all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr etc.


A digital marketing lead is a senior position that involves planning digital marketing campaigns that includes SEO, email management strategy, media and display advertising etc. Monitoring all social media channels, measuring and reporting on the performance of various campaigns and supporting the rest of the marketing teams are an important part of being a digital marketing lead. Overall, this role requires strong leadership skills, creativity and deep knowledge in the latest trends and best practices in online marketing.


A marketing administrator is responsible for developing and supporting implementation of field marketing plans, utilizing direct marketing, online, email and traditional marketing channels, establish strategic marketing and promotional partnership with influencers and local professional teams etc. Some administrators manage websites, SEO and content marketing. It’s an added bonus if one knows graphic designing software such as Photoshop to create marketing and advertising material.


A content manager creates, improves and maintains content for any web based platform or publication. Other duties include sharing content to raise brand awareness, monitoring web traffic, and identifying metrics to understand user behavior. For a senior content manager position, one must be able to develop content strategy aligned with organization goals, collaborate with marketing and design teams, ensure brand consistency and optimise content according to SEO.


If you are a pro at writing high converting email campaigns, and have experience working with advertisements, events and promotions, you might be interested in becoming an email marketing coordinator. In this job, you’ll supervise marketing content, develop and deploy advertising campaigns, track sales data, maintain databases and prepare analytics report.


Digital marketing analysts monitor online marketing trends, develop strategies for digital marketing campaigns and track performance. Responsibilities include collecting and analyzing customer data, interpreting web behavioral data and presenting actionable insights and recommendations. For this role, one must know and master analytical and reporting tools such as Tableau, Google Analytics and Data Studio.


As a marketing copywriter, main responsibilities are writing clear and compelling copy for various mediums such as ads, blogs, email and newsletters. One must know how to carry out intensive topic research and interviews. This exciting role gives an opportunity to work with creative professionals for marketing projects and campaigns.


Graphic designers use tools and software to create engaging graphics for use in media products such as websites, advertising and signage. You can either choose to go freelance and offer your services as a graphic designer to small business owners and entrepreneurs, or find employment with digital marketing companies. Check out our list of 14 Marketing Companies that hire remote workers. Explore jobs to apply to remote graphic designer jobs or other related marketing jobs.


Video content specialists use a variety of digital skills to edit and distribute videos. They usually spend their day working with video editors, liaising with the marketing team, graphic designers and branding team to ensure they create videos that meet the standard requirements. A video editor usually assists the video content specialist and makes sure the final product is ready to be distributed.


Major responsibilities of a social media manager are developing creative and engaging social media strategies and managing social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, etc. Apart from this, a SMM can also be involved in developing and launching marketing campaigns that promotes the organization and brand. Knowledge in monitoring and analysis tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook insights is important.